Literacy and Math Help


Do you know someone who has difficulty reading or writing?

 Do they discard documents with important information?
     Do they get frustrated filling out forms?
     Do they have trouble reading school newsletters?
     Do they avoid reading out loud?
     Do they avoid job advancements that involve training?           
     This may mean they have difficulty reading. We can help. 


For Free Adult Literacy Tutoring Contact:

 Alice Loewen or Kelly Schram               (780) 836-2664

Learners, Tutors, Interactive Sites and More

Learners and Tutors :

Interactive website for learners and tutors working at a level 2

On line reading game for younger learners

This website from BC allows students to read reading level appropriate newspaper articles, how to articles on subjects as diverse as making a planter box or the US military retreat from Iraq.  Then teachers and tutors can discuss or complete the exercises provided.

  • Easy Reading Employment resources and Teaching guide
Have a student with employment issues.  Try this as a website for information.

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Help Line

1 877 944 9955

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Advisory Council

Foreign Language videos on immigration and easy reading links on immigration

  • ESL ebooks and worksheets

This is a commercial sites but has free games and worksheets to go with the books

  • Norquest Lesson Plans

This is an excellent website which speaks to learning and helping individuals with learning challenges to problem solve.  Not necessarily for victims of violence.'s%20Adventures.pdf

 Click the above link to read an example of a personal story book learners can create when they attend.